theatre of the mind or brain?

We experience reality, dreams, and conscious fantasy worlds (or share them in various media)–through the theatre of the mind.  Close your eyes for a moment to imagine the world around you, and then open your eyes to see if it’s the same.  What we experience as reality seems more solid than what we remember or imagine inside our heads.  But our interactions with the world around us involve projections from that inner theatre.  Each of our senses gets feedback from the world in dialog with what we expect or desire.

So there’s an inner theatre of the mind’s expectations and wishes while awake, like the inner theatre of dreams, that shapes how we experience “reality.”  We’re often not in the present moment, but thinking back in time through memory fragments to form expectations of what might happen next.  Or, especially when traveling to new, disorienting places, we get a handle on the NOW by recalling what it’s like in our past and imagining how we’ll describe it to someone in the future.  We put a frame around the present by narrating it through the remembered past and possible future.  So there’s a symbolic frame and imaginary layering on our present “reality.”  We dream it, so some degree.

But this theatre of the MIND is also based on a theatre of the BRAIN, the neural structures that we inherit from our animal-to-human ancestry and our particular social experiences.  The brain’s theatre “stages” our conscious experience of ideas and perceptions through numerous unconscious networks of brain cells, competing for the stage and our SELF awareness.

See the other links under the photo at the top here FOR MORE INSIGHTS ABOUT YOUR INNER THEATRES


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