curved or straight lines?

curved or straight lines?

Look at this as a whole (using more of your right brain) and then hold a straight-edged piece of paper, or the black border at the top here, along the lines near the center (evoking more of your left brain) to see how you initially projected onto it.

Context is key here.  The arrangement of light and dark boxes affects how we see the lines.  This happens in the theatre of everyday life, too.  Various neural areas interact, backstage in your brain’s theatre–involving deep goal and conceptual contexts, plus the audience of memory traces as Other to your Self–to produce what you perceive as reality, staged within your mind as personal experience.  But they are also interacting with your outer environment, the social context of the current moment and your past cultural training, which shaped your present neural networks.

Most of this is unconscious.  BUT it can become MORE CONSCIOUS, like the animal passions that sometimes arise and make us do strange things: lust, fear, hunger, rage, and so on.  MAYBE the more AWARE we are of the animals, stagehands, and audiences in our brain, the better we can perceive, feel, think, and act in the outer theatres of various social contexts in our lives.  I HOPE THIS BLOG WILL HELP YOU that way.  (Being able to laugh at your Self helps, too.)  Let me know if it does….

(Some of the images and terms I’m using here come from PHANTOMS IN THE BRAIN, by VS Ramachandran and Sandra Blakeslee, and IN THE THEATER OF CONSCIOUSNESS, by Bernard Baars, both of which I highly recommend.)


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